“How to Raise Money for Real Estate - Harnessing the Power of Syndication”

Leverage your real estate knowledge and experience to create massive wealth in any real estate market

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The Program Agenda

  1. Overview and Opening - Thoughts on the Real Estate Syndication Business: The real estate syndication business has changed with our economy. Find out how to take advantage of these changes and how the opportunities in this little understood business presents tremendous growth and wealth building prospects for syndicators, promoters and equity sponsors.
  2. Securities Issues for Syndicators – the Basics: Few issues "trip up" potential syndicators more than the securities concerns surrounding raising capital. The important elements of raising capital and the elements related to avoiding securities pitfalls will be discussed and evaluated.
  3. Legal Considerations for Syndicators - the Basics: A wide variety of liabilities and responsibilities exist for syndicators – created in part by taking stewardship of other people's capital and managing valuable assets. The primary issues that syndicators need to be aware of in order to avoid problems will be considered.
  4. Tax Considerations for Syndicators – the Basics: The real estate tax issues are well known by anyone who works in the real estate markets, but the issues that syndicators face from a tax prospective are more complicated. Considering the alternatives and opportunities provided by the wide variety of corporate structures available, it is critical that we pay attention to the tax issues that syndicators and their investors face.
  5. Guru Marketing - How to Position Yourself as a Real Estate Syndication Expert: If you haven't been a syndicator in the past, but you're an expert in any of the many aspects of real estate or finance, then you'll need to reposition yourself for success in this business. You must revise the way that you describe your background so that it is well suited to the type of syndications that you will do. Whether you are a seasoned broker, professional investor or other sophisticated player, you must leverage the ropes that you know and parlay that into a new approach to success.
  6. Running the Business – Building an Iron-Clad Organization: Syndication is a business and it needs to run as a business. In order to operate a successful and profitable real estate syndication company, one must organize and control the many facets of the business. It's more complex than a brokerage operation and different than a property management firm. Understand and evaluate the many components of a real estate syndication business so that yours, whether large or small, can be profitable and well run.
  7. Building a Revenue Octopus™ - How to Make Sure the Syndicator Gets Paid: The beauty of real estate syndication is that there are so many ways to be paid on a single transaction. No single aspect necessarily generates a windfall for the syndicator, but taking a combination of several of revenue streams based on the core business, yields a tremendous amount of revenue for every successful syndicator. A Revenue Octopus™ is a "must have" for every successful syndication operation because maximizing revenue with multiple streams enables success in any market - especially in a difficult economic environment like the one that we are in now.
  8. Structuring the Deal – Making Sure that the Syndicator and Investors get Results: The highlight of the program for many participants is learning how to put together a deal that investors will say “yes” to. Nothing is more important than structuring a deal that works for the investors and concurrently preserves profit for the syndicator. Building in control and participation are the keys to long term success for the syndicator but it has to feel good to prospective investors, because if you can't get them to say “yes”, the deal will never get done and profit will never be generated. This part of the program shows you exactly how to get this done.
  9. Stewardship of Capital – Managing and Mitigating Conflicts and Problems: Managing other people's money comes with headaches and issues that people who are not in the business have hard time imagining. The conflicts of interest inherent in this business will be uncovered and discussed. In this section, we'll also discuss some of the other big issues so that you can avoid trouble and turn potential difficulties into opportunities for raising even more money.
  10. Analyzing Properties – The Fine Points of Picking Deals that Work: Syndicators must look at deals in a different way than traditional buyers because the syndicator adds an element of overhead that a traditional piece of real estate does not have. Therefore, based on the way that you structure your deal, the inputs must be properly characterized so that you don't make an error in your projections right from the start. The analysis becomes the basis for the financial projections that are used for raising capital. Attendees will see expertly crafted projections and they will understand the critical components that investors need to move forward.
  11. Where is the Money - Debt? - There are many ways to finance real estate, especially in a troubled economy with tight credit markets. In this section, we will evaluate opportunities for raising capital from institutions, hedge funds, private lenders and others that are non-traditional, but realistic sources of financing.
  12. Where is the Money - Equity? - Finding capital from private accredited investors is a great place to start, but there are many other places to go for capital, including the broker / dealer community, private equity sponsors, and hedge funds. Understand what you need to do in order to qualify for each category and what you have to do to prepare yourself so that you can secure these types of funds in the future. Once you turn these sources on, the opportunities can be unlimited.
  13. Networking to the Money - Getting to private equity investors, getting to hedge funds and getting to the big players is never easy, so start building your Rolodex now. That way, when you're ready to go, you'll be able to walk into the offices of the people who can write you checks. Networking is the best and fastest way to make that happen and this section shows you some of the “tricks of the trade”.
  14. Selling Your Deal to Prospects – Special Techniques for Creating Investors: Raising capital and promoting a syndication is different from selling most any product or service because it is intangible. Selling an intangible requires a unique set of skills – skills that most sellers never develop. We will share the best ways to promote and sell the deal so that you can close with confidence. And when you're successful at getting investors to buy into your projects, you'll be one step closer to creating investors for life.




















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Joel began his career as a CPA with the prestigious firm of Price Waterhouse. During his time with the company’s Entrepreneurial Services Group, Joel immersed himself in the real estate syndication business. After reviewing hundreds of partnership agreements and preparing as many tax returns, he left Price Waterhouse in 1986 to start his own syndication firm, raising several million dollars in three short years. By 1990, Joel had built a property management firm of more than 40 employees with a portfolio exceeding $100 million. Joel continues to syndicate real estate and other assets, as well as counseling other promoters on successful syndication strategies. He is also involved in film financing and invests in early stage companies and other deals.












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